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me again

well, we ended up not going into the studio yesterday, but thats ok cuz we still recorded a song. lance bought a mixer, and me and darrin pooled our money in for some mics. so then we all went to darrins house and recorded let ourselves down. it was cool. we were only getting used to recording, so we did rather good. we got the show tonight, which is gonna kick ass. im psyced, lance and darrin were normal yesterday, though they will be nervous today. ryan was fuckin shakin in his boots. now i thought i wasnt gonna be able to sleep last night, but i still did. but i bet im gonna get cold feet 5 minutes before we go on stage. its mine and ryans first show, and its gonna be crazy. there is supposed to be a lot of people there. if anybody reads this, go to the show. i promise that we will be the best band there. well, thats it for now, we shall be recording the rest of our E.P. over this weekend and next week.
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